Making of the brochure

Printing the BLACKSWAN Foundation’s Brochure 

Printing the BLACKSWAN Foundation’s Brochure (short version) 

Visualization of Rarity, making of (English subtitles) 

This is the first analogic random cover ever printed in an offset printing machine !

The innovative process used to create this brochure of the BLACKSWAN Foundation is unique. The random hand mixing of the colors used in the offset printing of the cover of this brochure make this original the only one ever printed. The chance
that two equal covers can be the outcome of this process is far less than the probability of the insurgence of a new orphan disease.

Art direction design : Demian Conrad Design

Directed by : 
Kin Artos
Produced by : 
Art of Silence Production
Concept by :
 Demian Conrad
Executive producer : 
Olivier Menzel
Music by :

Thanks to :
 Cédric Perroud, Paperform SA
Daniel Valle, Paperforms SA
Samuel Ducret, Paperform SA
Denise Witzig, dd sérigraphie
Sylvain Meltz, Demian Conrad Design
Ralph Kuo Chiang Wu, Demian Conrad Design
Oriana Todaro, Art of Silence Production