Support research for GliaPharm

Support research for GliaPharm to uncover the metabolic effect of FOXG1 in astrocytes

BLACKSWAN Foundation with the team FOXG1 research are supporting a research project led by GliaPharm to uncover the role of FOXG1 in astrocytes. This project could open new avenues for the development of innovative therapeutic solutions for the treatment of FOXG1 Syndrome.  GliaPharm is a Swiss biotechnology company specialized in the research and development of therapeutic strategies targeting astrocytes.

This project aims at understanding the effect of FOXG1 activity on astrocytes metabolism, neuroprotection and synaptic plasticity. These results could open new avenues for the development of therapeutic strategies for the FOXG1 syndrome by enhancing brain energy metabolism mediated by astrocytes.

GliaPharm founders, from left to right: Dr. Charles Finsterwald, Ambroise Magistretti, Prof. Pierre Magistretti, Dr. Sylvain Lengacher